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It is Official: Edward Snowden Is a Total Movie Star Now

Edward Snowden made his initial-ever appearance at Comic-Con International final evening, sporting cosplay only he could pull off: “Exiled Hacker-Dude Living in Russia.”

At a post-screening Q&ampA for the forthcoming film Snowden—which was directed and co-written by Oliver Stone, and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the famed whistleblower—Snowden answered queries by way of a Google Hangouts conversation from Moscow. The 33-year-old former CIA contractor, who fled the country after releasing info about quite a few government-surveillance applications, briefly appears as himself in the movie, re-enacting an appearance he created at a 2014 TED Talk.

Initially, Snowden said, he wasn’t supposed to be in the film at all. Instead, the plan was for him to meet with Stone in Moscow for a documentary-style interview that would seem on the DVD. But “we just had a very good feeling,” Snowden stated. “We talked about factors. I spoke at length about personal values and issues that had been taking place considering that 2013. And I guess he liked it.”

Stone ultimately directed Snowden as he played Snowden, a job that necessary several takes. “It was a gamble,” said Stone. “Poor Ed suffered greatly that day. He’s minimizing the damage to his psyche.”

Nonetheless, most of the movie’s screen-time belongs to Gordon-Levitt. Snowden praised the actor’s “really amazing” performance in the film, adding: “Some of my household members have stated, ‘[Gordon-Levitt] sounds just like you.’ If he can pass the family test, he’s undertaking alright.”

Snowden also noted that he never ever expected, nor wanted, a movie about his life. “This is a single of the issues that is sort of crazy and surreal about this complete expertise,” Snowden told the crowd. “I do not feel anyone appears forward to getting a film produced about themselves—particularly an individual who’s a privacy professional.”

And Snowden does go deep on a significant decade of his life. The film starts in 2004, with his in the end failed attempts to rise the ranks in the US Army Reserve—where he was sidelined by injuries—and follows him through security jobs in Geneva and Japan just before concluding with the 2013 document-leak that would ultimately send him from Hong Kong to Moscow, exactly where he remains to this day. The film also focuses on his ten-year connection with his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills (played in the movie by Shailene Woodley), and features supporting performances by Rhys Ifans, Timothy Olyphant, Nicolas Cage, and Nicolas Cage’s Most recent Hair-thingee.

For Stone, who directed such enjoyably cuckoo ’90s polemics as JFK and Nixon, as effectively as a lot more (relatively) straightforward current-events films as W. and Globe Trade Center, Snowden is the newest in a extended line of politically minded films. And, like Stone’s prior function, it necessary some compression and creativity when dealing with the details, as a lot of essential elements of Snowden’s activities stay a secret.

“These are factors that are actively under investigation,” Snowden said. “And this is 1 of the things that produced this such a difficult story for Oliver to inform: There are some things about this that are not in the public record.”

1 point Snowden did want the audience to know? “I’m living a surprisingly totally free life,” he stated. “And the reality that Lindsay is still with me tends to make me satisfied every day.”

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Coming into Thursday’s panel for Marvel’s Luke Cage, there had only been a short teaser hidden inside the final episode of Jessica Jones and one other clip released. Ostensibly, that is what this hour was for: to give fans of the earlier Marvel shows on Netflix a greater appear at Mike Colter’s star turn. But the title turned out to be a slight misnomer, given that the sizzle reel that kicked off the panel featured all 3 present Marvel Netflix shows.

But just simply because Luke Cage brought some friends to the celebration, that doesn’t imply the show’s titular hero still wasn’t the life of it. The footage from the new show looked remarkable, and showrunner Cheo Coker dropped the very best quote of the hour when stated, “The world is ready for a bulletproof black man.” And Marvel Tv boss Jeph Loeb took each pause in the panel’s answers and utilized them as opportunities to show clips of the show, which showed off just how talented of a cast Netflix and Marvel have, properly, assembled.

Luke tears up a crooked boxing fitness center, his invulnerability so overwhelming to the low-level criminals that it plays like a slapstick comedy routine rather of a fight scene. Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes (Mahershala Ali, fresh off an Emmy nomination for Home of Cards) breaking issues in his workplace even though his cousin Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) seethes at his brashness. Luke and Detective Misty Knight (Simone Missick) meet for the 1st time and get up close and personal.

And in maybe the very best single shot in the Marvel Netflix universe because that long-take fight in the first season of Daredevil, Cottonmouth measures in front of a blown-up print of Barron Claiborne’s photo of Notorious B.I.G. wearing a crown, in just the appropriate spot so he’s ominously stepping into Biggie’s spot, and muses, “everybody desires to be the king.” Oh, and for great measure, there’s a new teaser for the series, perfectly soundtracked with ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” which followed by way of on Coker’s assertion that he’d brought about the “Wu-Tang-ification of the Marvel Universe.”

Even if we didn’t get a complete pilot screening, that would’ve been adequate. But the panel kicked things up a notch when Finn Jones introduced a short teaser for the upcoming Iron Fist series, continuing the trend of dovetailing a preview of the next series along with the a single about to debut.

And then Loeb went one better—shocking the area with an additional teaser, this time for the team-up miniseries The Defenders. It doesn’t have any footage, but it’s another wonderful use of music, this time Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” with the only line getting offered in voiceover by Stick (Scott Glenn). It was some masterful setup, lending the Marvel Netflix series the very same variety of excitement that is normally reserved for the giant film series panels in Hall H.

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