Both Sony and Microsoft are holding huge vacation sales proper now

On the Sony side, there are not many bargains on brand-new to be had, but some of the best of the final couple years are on sale — like Shadow of Mordor (Game of the Year edition, $ ten.99), Star Wars Battlefront (Ultimate Edition for $ 27.99 or the standard edition for $ 9.99), Overwatch ($ 39.59) and the full Destiny collection ($ 39.59). You can also grab Bloodbourne for only $ 7.99, Grand Theft Auto V for $ 29.99 and the very first season of Hitman $ 29.99. That’s just the tip of the iceberg there are dozens more games on sale. Note that all of these rates only apply if you have a PS Plus subscription — though all these games are also on sale if you don’t have PS Plus, they will just cost a tiny much more. Sony’s deals are on via 12/27 at 8AM, though there will be another sale right on the heels of that one particular.

Microsoft has a similarly expansive sale going on by means of the 28th. Amongst the several games on sale are Battlefield 1, BioShock: The Collection, Dishonored 2 and Destiny: The Collection all for $ 44.99 every. Forza Horizon 3 is on sale for $ 38.99 and Forza Motorsport 6 is $ 29.99. If you want to choose up some games on the cheap, Batman: Arkham Knight and Star Wars: Battlefront are only $ 11.99 each. And if you want to get your hands on the latest from one particular of Microsoft’s flagship franchises, Gears of War 4 is on sale for $ 32.99. Microsoft is also possessing day-to-day bargains right now by means of the 31st, and one more sale will kick off on the 29th following this present one ends.

If Computer games are much more your speed, Steam is also holding its huge vacation sale appropriate now — it is a very good week to blow some money on games regardless of what platform you prefer.

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UK vinyl sales created far more money than music downloads last week

Figures show that for the duration of week 48 of 2016, shoppers spent £2.4 million on vinyl, although downloads took £2.1 million. Examine that to the exact same period last year when £1.two million was spent on records, with digital downloads bringing in £4.four million. The ERA puts the surge in sales down to recent buying events like Black Friday and the recognition of the format as a Christmas gift. It is also helped by the fact that Sainsbury’s and Tesco now stock records in a lot of of their branches.

It really is welcome news for vinyl lovers and the music business in common, but digital music is also going from strength to strength. As an alternative of buying music to keep, Brits are increasingly turning to streaming services like Spotify to get their music repair. Last weekend, The Weeknd broke streaming records on Spotify after his new album was streamed 40 million instances on day a single and 223 million occasions in its 1st week.

It’s also worth contemplating that vinyl albums are usually a lot more pricey than downloads. BBC News reports that last week’s biggest-selling vinyl was Kate Bush’s triple-disc live album Just before The Dawn, which expenses about £52. The same album is £13 on Amazon. Downloaded albums are nonetheless much more well-liked, although: last week saw 295,000 digital downloads versus 120,000 vinyl album sales.

Current study suggests that some people do not even get vinyl to listen to, with 7 percent of collectors admitting they don’t own a record player. It’s believed that some purchase records to support assistance artists they like, although other folks might use the sleeves to decorate their property.

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Twitter’s sales team is taking a hit in huge upcoming layoffs

Well, now we know why Twitter decided to move its earnings report to ahead of the industry opens (when the West Coast will conveniently, largely be asleep).

Bloomberg is reporting that the organization may reduce up to eight% of its employees, or around 300 individuals, and that the cuts could be announced as quickly as this week. As usual these situations are extremely dynamic, so all of the above could shake out to be distinct than anticipated, but we’ve heard a lot of related rumblings about layoffs for the previous couple of weeks.

In certain, a single point we’ve heard from sources is that the sales teams are in the crosshairs for the layoffs. Slowing income development may possibly be the culprit, specially as option platforms like Facebook and Snapchat continue to develop much far more speedily.

(And in addition to that, rumblings of these cuts roughly coincided with a weird memo CEO Jack Dorsey sent about essentially saying how great the organization was. So, study into that as you will.)

twitter rev growth

Either way it appears like the firm is trying to slim down as the hope that a bigger organization will swoop in and acquire it are continuing to fade. A representative from Twitter declined to comment.

Twitter has been on an absolute rollercoaster given that Dorsey took over around this time last year. Dorsey opened his tenure by laying off eight% of the firm, and all through his time as CEO, has noticed Twitter’s value cut practically in half. That is been a outcome of slow-to-no user growth, slowing revenue development, and becoming continuously dogged by issues surrounding trolls on the platform. (The latter actually scared away Disney and Salesforce as possible suitors.)

Hope came in the form of reports that Salesforce, Disney, and others were all looking at buying the company. That added billions of dollars to Twitter’s marketplace cap before getting promptly stripped away as soon as it became clear none of the firms had been interested. With out an obvious suitor, Twitter’s going to want to figure out a way to be much more forward-looking and hopeful to Wall Street. Starting off with Layoffs to make the enterprise much more effective is sometimes where issues go.

But it’s still going to come down to really enhancing the product. Trolls aside, Dorsey has really not made any dramatic sweeping alterations to the service other than adding far more of an algorithmic touch to the feed. And attempts to make it significantly less confusing, like removing contributions to character limits for kinds of media and trying to fix @replies (and “canoes”), nevertheless haven’t helped make the service far more sticky and attract new customers. (There’s also Moments, but that story still hasn’t seemingly played out yet.)

Twitter will report its third-quarter earnings at 4:00 a.m. PST on Thursday. If you want to potentially hear far more particulars about that (or, perhaps, that’s the day they’ll formally announce it), set your alarm clock and grab a cup of coffee. We, as well, will be tuning in.

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