Weekly Roundup: Obama imposes sanctions on Russian intelligence, Snapchat and Oculus consume up startups

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2017 will be a strong year for venture capital

This year, Donald Trump’s U.S. election triumph sent Silicon Valley into a spiral of uncertainty, Facebook addressed its fake news difficulty, the IPO landscape saw tiny action and the UK separated form the EU. Snapchat rebranded to Snap Inc. and launched its Spectacles hardware product. Twitter is nonetheless fighting its abuse dilemma, Yahoo suffered two huge breaches and Samsung phones exploded. We chronicled tech in 2016 in full here, and you can see the rest of our year end series right here. 

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1. The Obama administration announced that it will impose sanctions on Russian intelligence solutions and officials in response to the hacks of American political institutions throughout the election season. The true query is whether or not this even matters – as the election is currently over.

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2. Snapchat acquired Cimagine, a 4-year-old Israeli startup whose augmented reality platform lets you visualize products you want to acquire in an intended location. The deal closed for an quantity reported among $ 30 million and $ 40 million.

three. It’s Google’s world and we all just reside in it. Cyanogen, the ambitious startup that aimed to build a much better version of Android than Google, is closing up shop. The organization that as soon as claimed it was “putting a bullet by way of Google’s head,”  has laid off employees, let go of its CEO and now it is shutting down its solutions and nightly software program builds on December 31. But its lineage will live on. 

4. Snapchat wasn’t the only one particular to make an acquisition this week. Oculus snapped up a startup called The Eye Tribe, which has developed $ 99 eye tracking device developer kits for computer systems, and computer software that can bring gaze-primarily based interfaces to smartphones (and potentially VR headsets).

5. Amazon’s drone delivery ambitions are practically nothing new. But patent filings discovered this week show new “airborne fulfillment centers” or, warehouses in a zeppelin that send delivery drones to your door. The airborne fulfillment centers, or AFCs, would be stocked with inventory and positioned close to a location where Amazon predicts demand for specific items will soon spike.

six. Internet-connected devices may begin helping in criminal cases, and 1 of Amazon’s often-listening Echo devices may be a essential witness in a current 1. Police in Bentonville, Arkansas issued a warrant to Amazon, asking the business to hand over data from an Echo device to assist prosecute a suspected murderer. Amazon has so far declined to hand more than details in the case.


Oculus now owns an eye-tracking organization

Though Oculus was pleased to confirm the acquisition, mums the word on information: we do not know how significantly the company was acquired for, what the Eye Tribe’s future is outside of Oculus or when we may well see this technology in a future product. Nevertheless, the aim of the purchase appears clear — The Eye Tribe has been working on a foveated rendering for VR, which increases VR functionality by only rendering the element of the simulation the user is straight hunting at. Either way, it really is a excellent buy for Oculus: a casual glance at the VR landscape shows eye-tracking as the next massive problem to resolve. Being aware of where a player is searching could improve immersion, decrease efficiency bottlenecks and even support avert simulator sickness.

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Pros and cons: Our swift verdict on the Oculus Touch

The Oculus Rift VR headset went on sale back in March, but it was only this month that the optional motion controllers arrived. Much better late than in no way, though. In truth, if you currently personal the Rift, you happen to be going to want to devote an further $ 199 on the Oculus Touch: It really is comfy to use, performs effectively as a game controller and allows for smooth, precise motion handle. Also, there is currently a robust choice of games that support it, with even more to come. As that score of 88 suggests, we have extremely handful of complaints, but if we could modify a single factor, we’d like to see a rechargeable battery in future iterations. Even so, possessing to periodically swap out the AA battery is a small trade-off for the encounter you get.

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Hands-on with VR Sports Challenge, the Oculus Touch version of Wii Sports

When the Wii launched, no one particular knew what motion controller have been or why we even needed them. So to get folks excited about the new input technique, Nintendo released Wii Sports as a cost-free game to any person who bought the Wii.

The game came with Boxing, Bowling, Golf, Tennis and Baseball – all mini games developed to show off the motion controller. It proved to be very well-known – to date over 82 million copies have been sold, and the game did a great job of convincing folks why they needed motion manage (don’t forget when nursing houses bought Wii units so individuals could play Wii Bowling?).

Anyways, that was far more than 10 years ago. And to be truthful, there hasn’t genuinely been a new motion controller considering that – till now. With the launch of Oculus Touch (and the currently released HTC Vive) motion controls are producing a comeback. And 1 of the free launch titles (for preorders) available today on Oculus is called VR Sports Challenge – and essentially attempts to do for Oculus what Wii Sports did for the Wii ten years ago.

The game has only three sports – Football, Basketball and Hockey. Here’s a fast rundown of what I though of each and every one particular, in order of most enjoyable to least enjoyable.


For the football game you’re both the quarterback and the receiver. You choose a play and get to contact hike, scan the field, and sooner or later throw to an open receiver. If you don’t throw in time you will be sacked.

  1. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-34-21-am

    calling a play off your wrist

  2. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-34-53-am

    Hunting to throw a pass

  3. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-35-04-am

    Catching a pass

After the ball is thrown your character switches to the receiver, where you can try to catch the ball with two hands. As soon as you catch it you shed manage of the player and he gets tackled.

Usually you’re place in a scenario exactly where there are about two minutes left in the game and you need to have to go score 2 touchdowns to win. Typical football rules apply – like 4 downs and a game-clock – but the timing is a small weird. For instance, if you score with 25 seconds left in the game the ball will go to the other group, but they just turn it correct back over to you with 25 seconds nevertheless on the clock. Good, but not realistic.

All round, utilizing the Touch motions to play football felt really organic – you just squeeze and release whenever you want to catch or throw the ball. Plus, obtaining VR put you in the “eyes” of the quarterback is actually cool – almost like a far more interactive version of Madden.


Basketball was my second favorite game. Usually it was a related circumstance where there was a minute or two left in the game and your group was down. You by no means play defense, so when you turnover the ball it just goes back to you.

You can throw the ball to your teammates as properly as shoot, which each happen when you let go of the triggers and make a passing or shooting motion. If you pass to a teammate you automatically take more than for them, and need to have to then catch your own pass. Shooting is fairly tough in fact – you really have to make an arc like you are truly shooting, or else it will not go in.

  1. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-33-35-am

    dunking soon after passing an Aly-oop

  2. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-33-19-am

    About to pass

  3. screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-10-43-21-pm

    holding the ball

There was also an ally-oop function I discovered genuinely exciting – when promoted you throw it up to the net, then you had been teleported to the player who was producing the dunk in slow motion, so you could catch the ball and dunk it.


Hockey was weird. And Ice Hockey is in fact the only one particular of these sports I’ve truly played. But in the game you’re primarily the goalie, which just is not that much exciting. It’s also quite difficult – you have to hold an imaginary stick/blocker in one hand and a glove in the other – just like a actual ice hockey goalie. These tools don’t specifically translate nicely to the touch controller, so it got a little difficult to play.

  1. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-34-09-am

    Saving a shot

  2. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-33-49-am


Occasionally you can get a breakaway and switch to offense, but all you can do on offense is take a single nicely-timed shot and hope it goes in. Hockey is undoubtedly the least enjoyable of the there. Oh, there’s also apparently a portion in the storyline exactly where you begin fighting other players, but hockey didn’t keep my focus extended enough to get there.

Baseball Mini Game

There actually is a 4th sport snuck into the game by way of the mini-games location.

Known as House Run Derby, you get the likelihood to grab a bat and step up to the plate. If you like baseball this could be entertaining, but making use of the touch controllers to hold a bat also wasn’t that organic – because when you hold a genuine baseball bat you are supposed to hold your knuckles close together with a tight grip, and the touch controllers don’t actually let you do that.

Overall Impressions 

You are probably only going to really like and regularly play VR Sports Challenge if you’re a sports fan. It is not like the Wii exactly where it does a great job at offering enjoyable for anyone. But if you are into football, I’d argue it’s just as fun as the newest Madden game.

If you have been organizing on using VR Sports Challenge to show your close friends how cool VR and Touch is – do not. You’re better off setting them up with Initial Make contact with or Toybox or any other Oculus demo exactly where they can truly explore the complete functionality of the hands, with out the distractions of the pseudo-sports games provided by VR Sports Challenge.