Google hires satellite exec to head up Project Loon

Astro Teller, head honcho at Google’s secretive investigation facility X, stated in a statement:

“Beneath Mike’s scrappy, entrepreneurial leadership, Loon moved from science project to viable venture, and Tom’s worthwhile sector expertise will help launch us into the industrial stage of this moonshot.”

Mike Cassidy is Loon’s old chief, and whilst he’s out of the project, he’ll remain with X to function on other ventures.

This isn’t the 1st time the big G hired someone with expertise operating huge companies in an work to turn experimental projects into industrial endeavors. Google also signed up former Ford and Hyundai exec John Krafcik in 2015 to run its self-driving automobile division. It really is worth noting, though, that the firm lost a couple of of that particular team’s important members, as nicely. They are now functioning for Uber and are creating the ride-sharing giant’s autonomous automobile project.

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