UK vinyl sales created far more money than music downloads last week

Figures show that for the duration of week 48 of 2016, shoppers spent £2.4 million on vinyl, although downloads took £2.1 million. Examine that to the exact same period last year when £1.two million was spent on records, with digital downloads bringing in £4.four million. The ERA puts the surge in sales down to recent buying events like Black Friday and the recognition of the format as a Christmas gift. It is also helped by the fact that Sainsbury’s and Tesco now stock records in a lot of of their branches.

It really is welcome news for vinyl lovers and the music business in common, but digital music is also going from strength to strength. As an alternative of buying music to keep, Brits are increasingly turning to streaming services like Spotify to get their music repair. Last weekend, The Weeknd broke streaming records on Spotify after his new album was streamed 40 million instances on day a single and 223 million occasions in its 1st week.

It’s also worth contemplating that vinyl albums are usually a lot more pricey than downloads. BBC News reports that last week’s biggest-selling vinyl was Kate Bush’s triple-disc live album Just before The Dawn, which expenses about £52. The same album is £13 on Amazon. Downloaded albums are nonetheless much more well-liked, although: last week saw 295,000 digital downloads versus 120,000 vinyl album sales.

Current study suggests that some people do not even get vinyl to listen to, with 7 percent of collectors admitting they don’t own a record player. It’s believed that some purchase records to support assistance artists they like, although other folks might use the sleeves to decorate their property.

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