The Morning After: Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Yo, I heard you liked the OnePlus threeAssessment: OnePlus 3T

Even though its predecessor is just six months old, Cherlynn Low found the OnePlus 3T “a refinement that not only feels timely, but also effectively-planned and executed.” It is missing Android 7. Nougat and expandable storage possibilities, but adding an upgraded processor to match the Google Pixel, a slightly larger battery and a new front camera for just $ 40 added makes this phone a fairly very good deal.

Stop us if you have heard this one particular beforeInstagram adds reside video and Snapchat-style disappearing images

Facebook’s quest to offer a version of every Snapchat feature continues with the most recent Instagram update. Now, users can send disappearing messages by way of Instagram Direct, potentially producing your next headfirst slide into the DMs less risky. There is also constructed-in assistance for live video, which performs a lot like Facebook Lives, except inside Instagram.

Pick the Mad Max: Higher Octane Collection — trust usVacation Present Guide 2016: The Movie Buff

Buddies never let friends struggle with their house theater setups. Whether you are ready to invest a lot or just a tiny, we have a few tips about what gifts to place in your favored videophile’s stocking.

Snapbot sightedSnapchat Spectacles have arrived in NYC

So far, Snapchat’s camera-infused sunglasses have been a West Coast-only thing, now they are in the Huge Apple. If you’re prepared to attempt your luck, head to the Spectacles pop-up shop at five East 59th Street in Upper Midtown Manhattan and prepare to wait in line. The retailer will be open via New Year’s Eve (but closed 11/24, 12/24 and 12/25) so you will have a full month of opportunities.

At least they’re not explodingApple is replacing some iPhone 6s batteries

Just final week, Apple announced a repair plan for the iPhone 6 Plus and its “touch illness,” and now it’s facing a difficulty with the iPhone six. The company says a “modest quantity” of handsets have a battery fault that causes them to spontaneously shut down. If your device was manufactured between September and October 2015, then you might be in line for a replacement or a credit.

Not what you’d count on for the holidays.Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s newest project is a… Christmas tree?

It does not have a headphone jack or Christmas lights.

The missing detailNTSB is investigating the initial flight of Facebook’s Aquila drone

When Facebook announced its “successful” first flight of the Aquila net drone on June 28th, it described a “structural failure” just ahead of landing. That could have been worthy of a lot more than a footnote, nonetheless, given that the NTSB has classified it as an accident.

But wait, there is more…

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Twitter fires its head of VR right after 24 hours

As Techcrunch and SFist point out, Gopman fled the city for awhile afterward till public pressure died down, then had some dalliances with the idea of helping San Francisco’s homeless before leaving for another personal reinvention. For Twitter, that is most likely not the guy you want leading your cutting-edge VR content material encounter when your company’s persistent abuse difficulties just potentially expense you receiving acquired by Disney.

But Twitter’s choice to give Gopman the boot soon after a single day doesn’t bode effectively for the company’s VR method, either. It is not like the incident was buried or forgotten: Even coverage as constructive as Backchannel‘s redemption piece, which explains the controversy following his rant, shows up in an effortless Google search of his name.

Not that Twitter’s VR system has anything public to tarnish. While Facebook has soldiered forth into the space by open sourcing its 360-degree video camera and showcased how customers will digitally hang out using its platform, Twitter hasn’t demonstrated any virtual reality applications. As TechCrunch notes, all of its VR/AR efforts come from its Twitter Cortex engineering group, which hasn’t announced something given that hiring former Apple UI designer Alessandro Sabatelli to lead the team at the finish of June.

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