About Me

Altima Technologies is all about software! Altima provides software application lifecycle services, specialized software solutions and the world-class software NetZoom for its clients and partners.
Founded in 1995, Altima’s decade-long experience in the Software Development and Global Resourcing markets have allowed the company to strengthen its ever-evolving design and implementation processes. The development of proven technologies and processes enables our clients and partners to significantly reduce costs on custom software solutions while ensuring the maximum level of excellence.
Altima is widely recognized for standardizing the way traditional business diagramming software served the emerging demand of network design, diagramming and presentation. As computer and telecommunications networks spread, so does the requirement of network design and diagramming. Today wherever networks are, NetZoom is needed.
Our products and services are offered throughout the globe. Our customers and partners span every industry, from multi-national corporations to small businesses and sophisticated homes. Despite our industry-leading position and global presence with NetZoom, we maintain an excellent entrepreneurial culture to address customer needs.
Building on the success of NetZoom, NetZoomAV and other customized software projects for partners, Altima has expanded its presence in the software industry and made its expertise and experience in software design and implementation available to clients and partners. Altima provides information technology and systems programming services to help business and technology professionals save time and money through its blended global structure.
Altima offers a wide range of services to support the lifecycle of software applications. The company is designed to meet the individual requirements of start-ups, Internet businesses, and companies with their own established software product lines. Altima’s concentration is in the development and maintenance of software systems that support all business processes.
Altima’s expertise in the software industry spans many fields and technologies including graphic design, office automation, database management, .NET architecture, client-server, web applications, web services, data warehousing and systems programming. Our software services customers appreciate the reasonable pricing and accelerated development cycle that is possible through our blended global approach to software development.
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